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Please read and understand the Terms of Service before submitting this work order form. Marshall Evan Photography Terms and Agreements All copyright (expressed or implied) will be retained by Marshall Evan Photography, unless an agreement has been made to the contrary (or in certain circumstances where specified in the Copyright Act 1968). On receipt of full payment (or within 7 days from the date shown on our invoice, if applicable), we assign to the person that paid for the photos (i.e. the agent or owner, as the case may be) limited rights to do as they wish with the photos, such as storing, editing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos, but only in relation to marketing or promotion of the property being sold or leased. Photos may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to other owners or agents), unless where expressly agreed to by us. Location shots taken or provided in relation to a property may only be used in relation to that property and not in relation to any other property. Use of photos outside of these guidelines will constitute a breach of our agreement and copyright. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. If payment is not received within 2 weeks of receipt of invoice, payment is considered late and will be subject to a $20.00 late fee for every following week that payment is not made.

Real Estate Pricing


ECONOMY PACKAGE / 24 Images, 1 Hour on Site, 24 Hour Turnaround / $125
0000 - 2399 SQ FT / Up to 24 Images / $150
2400 - 3599 SQ FT / Up to 36 Images / $180
3600 - 4699 SQ FT / Up to 36 Images / $200
4700 - 5799 SQ FT / Up to 36 Images / $230
5800 - 6799 SQ FT / Up to 45 Images / $260
6800 - 7999 SQ FT / Up to 55 Images / $290


Add On's 

2 Min HD Video Walk-thru / $125

3 Min HD Video Walk-thru / $175

24 Hour - Turnaround / $50

Blue Sky / $25

Community Amenities (Up to 3 Locations) / $75 for 3 locations or $25 per location 

Twilight Photo Shoot $85

Drone Photography $100

Drone Videography $100

Drone Video and Photos $150

Blue Sky now Included with any Add On!