I recently donated some prints for a fundraiser for the Franklinton Board of Trade Gala. Earlier in the year, I had spent some time playing with some studio lighting setups, and because of the local flower shop, I found some beautiful subjects. My process was simple for these photos. I started with a single piece of black acrylic that I purchased on Amazon for $20. Black acrylic is great for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because of it’s reflective nature. The bouquets were broken down into individual stalks, and I used some small clamps to hold them at different angles. I placed the flowers perpendicular to the black acrylic, thus allowing me to use the ceiling as the reflective background. I lit the flowers from the side with a medium sized strip box, and then I placed a strobe off to the side and bounced it off the ceiling, creating a unique splash of light in the reflection of the acrylic. The angle of the bounced light is important, as too much reflected light did not look organic and overpowered the subject. If you are interested in prints, leave a comment below.